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We did it! With your help, we reached our goal of $100k. 

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Thank you

To all those who generously joined us in our Tu B’Av campaign, we wish to sincerely thank you in joining with us in this great Mitzvah.

Your donation will enable us to provide a discreet helping hand to ensure that the celebration of the couple’s new home is a joyful one.

The Tikvah Lekallah committee

Helping a new family

With your generous support, the Tikvah LeKallah fund has been able to assist families to enhance the Simcha of their children’s weddings by covering an element of their wedding expenses and essentials for setting up a new Jewish home.

Such financial contributions have been greatly appreciated, but in the current financial climate, an increase in assistance is needed. 

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“We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts”

“We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind and generous contribution to our Chassunah. It was an absolutely beautiful Simcha and the kindness that you and your donors helped to make it special and ease the financial burden of it. May Hashem bless you to continue to do this special and important mitzvah..”

Creating a new generation

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Help a new couple build a home

We appeal to you to contribute to the Tikvah LeKallah fund in celebration of Tu B’Av on Sunday 2nd August. This will help us continue to support young couples of the Melbourne community and their families. 

Our aim is to raise $100,000 for distribution this year.


 “Hachnasat Kallah helped us cover some of the outstanding financial obligations. It was done in such a dignified way, in a way of true kindness”

“Upon hearing the wonderful news of the engagement of our child and being caught up with the joy, we were then confronted with the reality of the situation. Initially we smiled gracefully as the wedding costs tallied up and when we thought the budget was reachable, more costs continued to be added. We had now most certainly blown our budget..what to do..how to afford the costs of our Simcha? It became a heavy burden on our minds. 

It was then that the Melbourne Hachnasat Kallah Fund approached us in a very respectful and gracious manner and asked how we were tracking with the Simcha preparations.

Their support and Chesed helped alleviate some of the stress and enabled us to prepare for the Simcha from a place of joy and happiness”

“For all those people who were discreetly involved in this incredible mitzvah, we say thank you”

“As we accompanied the young couple to the Chuppah, we looked heavenward and said “What an Am Segulah, a nation of kindness and goodness, a nation of brotherhood, a people that support one another both in times of sorrow and perhaps more importantly in joy.

For all those people who were discreetly involved in this incredible mitzvah, we say thank you and may you all be blessed to continue your Holy work and merit to proudly assist many happy couples and their families to the Chuppah”

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Thank you to our supporters

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