tikvah lekallah

Helping new couples build a home

Tikvah Lekallah is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers who seek to ease the financial stress of setting up a home for young newly married couples. Baruch Hashem, we are zoche to have assisted in many Simchas in the past and look forward to making and sharing more in the future

The Hachnasat Kallah Fund has been recently re-branded as the Tikvah LeKallah Fund. This is a charity run by volunteers who work tirelessly after hours, to find new ways to assist young couples to establish themselves at this crucial juncture in their lives and assist them on their journey to be happy contributing members of our community.

The Tikvah Le Kallah Fund ensures that all funds collected go directly to recipients and assist 20 plus families a year, with the demands on the fund always increasing “BH”.  At present the Fund has been giving token amounts to either cover some specific aspect of the wedding, or for a few essential necessities when setting up a new Jewish home. This gift is very much appreciated, but in reality it is a very minimal contribution to the overall picture. 


It is heart-warming to note that some of those who have benefited from our assistance in the past have sent letters and cards with thanks for “the kind and generous contribution” to their chasanah and how the “kindness of the donors helped to make it special and ease the financial burden of it”.  Other cards outlined their   “overwhelming appreciation” and “best wishes to continue the great work” wishing the Tikvah LeKallah fund to go “from strength to strength”.  Equally delightful is when some couples, who in the past were assisted by the fund and now, a few years on, have established themselves financially, are now able to be regular contributors to the fund.


Over the years the fund has attracted donations by running community fundraising events, providing charity boxes and are constantly canvassing our community to contribute to this worthy cause. Fortunately, there are increasing numbers of simchos, which has put increasing pressure on our fund for assistance. 

The Tikvah LeKallah Fund would like you to join us in providing a warm and discreet helping hand to help ensure that the celebration of every young couple is a joyful one.